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Policy Locator Service - FAQs

If the Policy Locator Service discovers application activity for individually underwritten life insurance for the decedent, what information will I receive back?

The Policy Locator Service report will provide the name of the company(ies), the date(s) the application was submitted, and the appropriate contact information for your follow-up activity to see if a policy was issued and remains in-force. Beneficiary information is not available. In this context, "application activity" means an application for new coverage, an application to modify existing coverage or to reinstate coverage or an application for benefits on a policy (for example, a claim for waiver of premium).

I am a close relative to the decedent, but I am not a representative (executor, administrator, surviving spouse, etc.) of the decedent's estate. Can I still use the Policy Locator Service?

The following individuals are eligible to use MIB's Policy Locator Service ("Eligible Persons") to search on a decedent (and not any living person):

  • An officially appointed representative of decedent's estate (executor, administrator or his/her small estate administrator) or surviving spouse;

  • If no estate representative has been appointed (and one is not expected to be appointed) and there is no surviving spouse, then a child of the decedent may submit a request; or

  • If there is no estate representative, surviving spouse or child, then the decedent's closest living relative may submit a request, provided that such person is actively engaged in gathering all the decedent's assets and/or has a good faith belief that he or she has an interest in a life insurance policy on the decedent.

In addition, attorneys who represent an Eligible Person in (i), (ii) or (iii) may submit a request on the client's behalf, provided he or she is a duly admitted attorney who is authorized by the client to submit a request on his, her or its behalf and the client has authorized the attorney to receive the decedent's Policy Locator Service report from MIB Solutions, Inc.

Is it possible to perform a search on myself?

At this time, MIB only allows Policy Locator Service searches to be conducted on deceased individuals. However, as a consumer, you can order a free copy of your MIB Underwriting Services Consumer File (if any) once each year. Please visit to learn more about obtaining a copy of your MIB Underwriting Services Consumer File.

Can I search your database by the name of a possible beneficiary?

No, MIB does not have any information about beneficiaries. Policy Locator Service searches can only be conducted on a decedent who was the proposed insured.

When will I receive my results?

Results are typically mailed within 21 business days.

I ordered a Policy Locator Service search and the report I received indicated there was no life insurance application activity, yet I am aware that a policy(ies) exists. Why was the Policy Locator Service unable to identify this policy?

There are a few possibilities:

  • The policy in question may have been issued prior to 1996, pre-dating the records in the Policy Locator Service database. This limitation is disclosed on all marketing materials, websites and applications for the Policy Locator Service.

  • The policy could have potentially been issued by an insurer that is not a member of MIB. However, with few exceptions, the majority of life insurers in North America are MIB members.

  • The policy's face amount may have been too small for the member company to underwrite. Only life insurance policies that are individually underwritten are in the Policy Locator Service database.

  • The policy may have been issued as employer-sponsored group insurance issued on a guaranteed basis. The Policy Locator Service can only identify individually underwritten life insurance issued by an MIB member company.

I am confident that my father had a life insurance policy through his employer. Can Policy Locator Service identify this type of activity?

No, unfortunately. The Policy Locator Service will not find employer-sponsored, group life insurance policies since they are not individually underwritten policies. If the policy was issued as voluntary insurance through worksite marketing, it would have to be individually underwritten by the MIB member company in order for an application to be identified.

Can the Policy Locator Service help me identify life insurance issued through a military service?

It is possible, but not likely. Only a fraction of military policies issued are individually underwritten, with the majority being "guaranteed issue" (no underwriting required). However, if the policy was underwritten and the issuing insurer was an MIB member company, there is a possibility that the application could be in MIB's database.

Are refunds available if I don't find anything?

No. As stated in MIB's literature and on its website, the Policy Locator Service fee covers the cost of the search; MIB does not refund fees if the Policy Locator Service is unable to find any life insurance applications on the decedent.

Is it possible to search multiple deceased individuals with one application for the same fee?

No. MIB requires Eligible Persons to submit a separate application and fee for each decedent who will be searched.

Are there any additional fees associated with the Policy Locator Service?

No, the Policy Locator Service has no hidden or additional fees. One fee covers each search regardless of how many life insurance applications are identified.