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Policy Locator Service

The Policy Locator Service may be able to identify application activity on underwritten life insurance policies taken by MIB's 420 U.S. and Canadian member companies.


  • Provides search results for life insurance applications, but does not indicate whether any life insurance was ever issued and/or actually in force at time of the insured's passing, or whether any benefits are payable.

  • Covers only underwritten life insurance applications taken at MIB member companies from January 1, 1996 to the present.1

  • The following types of life insurance generally will not be covered:

  • Policies in lower face amounts ($100,000 and below)

  • Guaranteed issue and employer-based life insurance that is not individually underwritten

  • Military issued life insurance.

  • If a life insurance applications(s) is discovered, our data does not include beneficiary information.


Because of the Limitations described above, we cannot make or provide any warranties related to Policy Locator Service and all warranties, expressed or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability, merchantable quality and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed. In no event shall MIB Solutions, Inc., or its affiliate or parent company be responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or similar damages to any person or entity regardless of the legal theory. Further, in no event shall MIB Solutions, Inc., its parent or affiliate, be responsible for any damages which exceed the total of all fees paid for Policy Locator Service.

The Policy Locator Service Report

If application activity is identified, the report will provide the name of the company, the date the application was submitted, and the appropriate contact information for your follow-up activity to see if a policy was issued and remains in-force. The report notifies you whether application activity was identified or not. A Policy Locator Service report will be mailed within 21 business days after MIB receives a completed, written application. A search of the Policy Locator Service may provide evidence that an application was submitted on the life of the decedent, and such an application may have resulted in the issuance of a policy. Results cannot be guaranteed.


Executors or administrators of a decedent's estate are permitted to order a report of life insurance application activity. If no executor or administrator has been appointed, then a surviving spouse or the decedent's closest surviving relative may be eligible to order a Policy Locator Service report.

To submit a Policy Locator Service request, you will need to mail the following to MIB Solutions, Inc.:

  • A completed application form including notary verification.

  • An original death certificate (we will return the death certificate to you with your report).

  • A money order or bank certified check for $75 U.S. (non-refundable).

1In this context, "application activity" means an application for new coverage, an application to modify existing coverage or to reinstate coverage or an application for benefits on a policy (for example, a claim for waiver of premium).